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Eaglechild Consulting And Enforcement, Llp Construction Buy indian Act.

"We conduct our work according to the Native American warrior tradition"

    ~ YoungBill Eaglechild RunningFisher CEO

Our Services



Emergency Operations and Disaster Planning, Commercial Construction specializing in Bullet and Bomb proof buildings, Steel Buildings constructed to clients needs, CCTV cameras and DVR systems, Architect and Engineering Designs, Private Military Contracting, Law Enforcement and Security training as well as public safety equipment and protective services are offered. Our construction division offers all ranges of construction services, from full construction and architecture work to steel, asphalt, concrete, materials provision, doors frames, and hardware.  

Every Company or agency needs competent companies to fulfill their needs for expansion and upgrades. Eaglechild Consulting and Enforcement has a long history of completing work and fulfilling contracts, to the letter. Eaglechild Consulting is owned and operated by husband and wife team, YoungBill Eaglechild RunningFisher and Ronelle RunningFisher. CEO YoungBill is great great grandson of Chief RunningFisher of the Gros Ventre nation, and COO Ronelle is the great great granddaughter of the influential Speakthunder of the Nakota Nation. As the heirs to these men and their great names, YoungBill and Ronelle work hard every day to uphold their great great grandfathers traditions of unification, loyalty and honesty.